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Large 3 bedroom full floor apartment for rent in Shaab Al Bahri for KD 1250.
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Finding a school for your child is often one of the most challenging aspects of a families move to Kuwait.

Understanding how the school system works here, navigating the enrollment/application process as well as understanding the relevant pros and cons of different schools can be a bit overwhelming. If you require Education Assistance, we suggest approaching us, since we provide a Education Assistance package combined with a Home Search or as a stand alone service.

Our Education Assistance programme helps your employee and their family arrange the most appropriate education facilities for your child(ren)

We work to understand the specific requirements and preferences of the child and the parents. We will advise on the local education system of the host country and the different education options available including public and private schools and help them to identify the most appropriate selections for their individual needs and relocation policy.

Assistance with arranging education provides reassurance for the assignee and their family and removes additional stress and worry concerning an important area of the relocation. We take the hard work out of research and planning and help the family make informed decisions to help their children settle quickly, happily and to fulfil their education potential. Working in line with home search requirements can often help ensure housing and schooling are arranged in conjunction as one can have impact on the other.

1Education Assistance Services

2Consultancy, advice and support from local education specialists

3Research and guidance on schooling and child care options including information on league tables and school performance

4Arrange appointments and accompanied school visits

5School and activity enrollment guidance and help with admission procedures

6Special needs schooling options


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